NY Pumps

Long Beach New York turned on epic beach breaks and sunshine for the final day of competition at the Quiksilver Pro NY on Friday.  With Hurricane Katia spinning out in the Atlantic pushing in a solid groundswell and clean offshore winds, the competitors and crowd were treated to classic peaks up and down the beach.  Long running lefts and peaky tubing rights just 40 minutes from New York City.   Who would have thought? From the outset on the final day it was clear that it was going to be a tight race to the podium.  Unthinkable airs, perfect little tubes, critical turns and a combination of all three were required to advance in any heat of the day.  Slater pipped Taj in the final minutes of their semi-final with a massive aerial rotation scoring a perfect 10 and an uncharacteristic claim.  Perfect wave with one move - is that the first time that's happened? The final was a repeat of Teahupoo but this time Owen Wright dominated from the outset with two high scores straight off the bat.  The crowd were waiting for another Slater perfect move but he just couldn't stick one and the young Aussie took home the bacon! Yeah Owen

Huge congratulations to Owen Wright who took home 10,000 World Title points and US$300K for his first win on the ASP World Tour!!  Not a bad payday for surfing perfect waves!  Check out the Heat Review here for replays of all the action.

Heard it's been pumping in Sydney all weekend.  Hope you're getting some!

DAILYMurray Fraser