Surfing on the Gold Coast is pretty focused on the shorter end of the boards spectrum and 3 fins come standard. But there is a rich tradition in alternative craft with shapers like Dick van Straalen as well as a new bred of surfer/shapers such as Neal Purchase Jr and Jesse Watson from Black Apache Surfboards who are mowing foam and producing quality boards to the left of surfing's centre. With such wave fertile ground and alternative craft events such as The Alley Fish Fry and the Wooden Surfboard gathering Currumbin Alley is the Gold Coast's epicentre of a gentle movement away from the generic three-fin rounded square tails that have dominated the scene in the modern era.  This morning we went in search of sand bottom peelers and alternative craft and found ourselves at the same destination as yesterday, how could we resist?  Super fun waves for logs and fish but the place seemed overcrowded with beginners dropping in on 7ft mini-mals.  Ahhh, the potential is there for sure.