The clouds were at it again this morning painting the early bird sky with plenty of colour and shards of light.  If you had time to sit and watch it evolve it was really quite a show.  The heavy clouds rolled in and the sun found holes large and small in the blanket cover to burst through.  Another day for the Cloud Appreciation Society. The Northerly was up early making for a mixed bag of conditions.  Wave faces were clean enough but there was a distinct lump through the swell from the onshore and it looked really tricky to hunt down the right wave.   There's more punch and a little more size today but surface conditions arena't ideal.  The wind is forecast to strengthen from NNE so if surfing is on your agenda today head for somewhere protected.

Manly's own resident snowboarding wordsmith Nick Gregory is over in Tahiti keeping an eye on preparations for the Billabong Pro.  Check out his update from the end of the road.

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