:: Noah

Yesterday at about 11am the shark alarms started wailing, the lifeguards were vocal over the PA systems and the shark signs came out.  No one I talked to down the beach actually saw anything and with the water so calm and clear yesterday, I reckon if there had been in shark in the area someone would have seen it.  But the lifeguards have got to take reports of shark sighting seriously.  Was it a coincidence that the first shark sighting coincided with the first day of the school holidays? Surprised that none of the news or lifesaver choppers came over for a sticky beak.  Is there still a shark spotting air service on Sydney Beaches?  I seem to recall the fixed-wing service might have been canned... anyone? This morning it's grey and bleak with only a weak NE wind swell.  There's a few peaks here and there but it's not the most appealing offering.  There should be an increase in South Swell today and throughout the next couple of days so fingers crossed we'll see a bit more energy in the coming days.  Enjoy your day and what out for Noah's!

∆ Murray

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