:: No Snooze

Another beautiful start to the day down on the beach in Manly.  There was a little bit of colour in the sky again but not as much as yesterday's blast of yellow, pink and orange. The great thing about the mornings right now is that they're really long.  You can be in the water at 5:30am no problems giving you ample time for an hour long surf, cup of coffee, bowl of strawberries (they're at their best right now!) and you'll still be early for work or school.  Tomorrow's sunrise is at 5:59am. That's the first pre-6am sunrise since last summer and our mornings will continue to get longer until October 6 when daylight saving steals back an hour of morning light.

There's a little but more swell on offer this morning but it's mostly south in direction and so Manly's missing the lions share.

No Sprout tomorrow as I'm heading to Melbourne for the day to check out all the goodies and gadgets at The Digital Show.  See you Monday. :: Murray

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