New York Highlights


I touched down back in Sydney at 7am this morning  and although the wind looks fine from 10,000 feet by the time I got back onto the sand in Manly it was onshore with not much on offer.  So instead of shooting small onshore Manly I thought I'd roll back through the highlight reel from New York just one more time.  The Quiky Pro New York is a distant memory now especially with what went down at Trestles this week.  Can you believe that Owen and Kelly went man on man in a third consecutive final?  Crazy huh!! If you haven't already heard Kelly got up this time taking out the Hurley Pro and he'd be sitting pretty for an 11th World tittle.  Owen Wright is snapping at his heels and making Kelly work for the title but where are all the other guys?

Here's New York one last time, Monday we're back on home turf.    If you want to order any prints, I'll be up-dating the Print Shop over the weekend and we'll be connecting with the print lab next week.  Looks like a bit of South Swell due for the weekend although a funky wind could spoil it.  Fingers crossed for a little morning offshore.

DAILYMurray Fraser