:: Neat & Tidy


Really nice conditions out there this morning.  The winds are light and there's enough Westerly direction in it to keep surface conditions neat and tidy.  The swell's a touch straight but every now and then a beauty rolls through with even the odd hollow section. I get the feeling that some of the schools around town might have finished up for the year as this morning the line up from Queenscliff to North Steyne was brimming with young whipper snappers.  The only thing better than finishing school for the year is surfing and when you combine the two it's grommet froth fest.  Yeah Grommets!!

Local coupon crew The Manly Deal launched their first local deal this morning with a sweet one from the Manly Fast Ferry.  Check it out, you'll score!  Speaking of scoring, if you want to get your hands on the 2012 Sprout Daily Calendar order yours online this week.  It's getting close to Christmas and you know your mum would love one!  They make the perfect gift for your mum, dad, gran, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, boss and they look a treat on the kitchen wall.  You'll be flying with the Early Birds even on a rainy day!  Click here to order online or pick one up from The Shop Next Door or other locale around Manly.

DAILYMurray Fraser