:: Mystic


The fog was thick out there this morning, I guess it's got something to do with the warmer air that moved in over Sydney overnight.  It's warm out there now; shorts and t-shirts and a spot of sun-baking for your lunch break. These foggy mornings make for some cool light conditions.  You never quite sure where and how the light's going to burn through the fog.

I couldn't see the waves let alone shoot them so I opted for a walk along the cliffs at North Curl Curl.   The pool under the cliffs there has a huge boulder blocking the stairs which I can only assume is a result of the last month's huge swell.  No idea whether it was rolled in or fell from the cliffs above; either way it's going to be a challenge to move!

The swell's down on yesterday but there's still a the odd one rolling in. There's warm weather and rain and just a trickle of swell ahead for the week; good news and bad.


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