:: Morning Moment

Today we had a proper sunrise - you know, one of those sunrises where the sun actually appears over the horizon.  There was a little bit of cloud down low but it was close enough to count I reckon.   It's been a while too; heaps of mornings lately where we've had clouds making for dark dawns however this morning was a bright one. Great to get some morning light back into the lens! There's not much relief for the surfers though - it's small and weak once again and the early high tide isn't helping.  If you want waves you'll need to head to the airport - fly to Victoria, Southern WA or maybe somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  Yesterday they ran the Mavericks Invitational Big Wave competition at Half Moon Bay just South of San Francisco - sounds like it wasn't as big as they'd hoped but in the end Santa Cruz charger Peter Mel put himself in the most critical waves taking out the event.  Check out the review at Surfer Mag

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