:: Moonrise Kingdom


Last night the Easter Full moon rose over Crescent Head shrouded in a heavy coat of clouds.  Luckily for me there was a reasonably strong Easterly wind keeping the clouds rolling and the moon managed to sneak out from behind the clouds just a couple of times as it was rising.  A few people wandered up onto the headland but the moon was concealed enough that they seemed oblivious to the huge moon rising behind them. I took a walk around the headland at Racecourse around midnight and the clouds had all but disappeared leaving the moon to fully light up the landscape.  It was easily bright enough to see without a torch and if there were waves (and it wasn't so sharky after the recent floods) you could have surfed all night for sure.

Looks like a hot day in Sydney today 30 degrees - not ideal to be driving!  A little South wind swell due over the long weekend but it'll come and go quickly.  The Rip Curl Pro is on at Bells Beach over the weekend if you're down that way on near a computer.

Have a safe and enjoyable Easter long weekend.  Catch you on the other side of it. ∆ Murray