Monday Mixed Bag


Small waves this morning, hardly ridable unless you're standing high on a log or SUP.  There's supposedly some underlying South Swell so it might pay to go in search of a small wave up the beaches but take plenty of foam for the voyage.   The wind is currently hovering at 3-6kts from the NW so it's as silky.  That South Swell may have been hiding under the 8am high tide so if you've got the day off have another look before lunch if the wind stays friendly.  This morning's pics are a bit of a mixed bag.  The light changed from contrasty and warm at dawn though to overcast, flat and dull by 8 and then to bright and sunny by 9.  All good. Over in France the Quiksilver Pro is down to the business end of the event.  Bucks and World Championship points on offer for the last 16.  Check the site at out for Monday's call live at 5pm Sydney time.

DAILYMurray Fraser