:: Minimal

Things are very minmal this morning on Manly Beach.  The temperature is down under the 15 degree mark, waves are hovering in the 1 foot range and action on the beach is at a minimal.    Best option this morning might have been a swim (the water's still a very tasty 22 degrees) or some other alternative to surfing; coffee, jog, boxercise, etc.  Tomorrow's looking much the same only with some bright sunshine in the mix. Thank you to everyone that completed our first Sprout Daily Reader Survey.  We're now working through the information and asking ourselves how we can improve and evolve Sprout Daily into the future - looking forward to a new plan for the year ahead.   Big congrat's to Nicky from Quattro Designs, who has won the Framed Print!  Can't wait to get that custom print made up, delivered and on your wall!

DAILYMurray Fraser