:: Lunchies


How good is Summer for a lunch time session. Boardshorts, t-shirt, slap on some zinc and you're out there! No need to wetsuits or hot showers, just the bare essentials of simple surfing. I was hanging out for the wind to change to offshore but it never seemed to swing. Pity! There's a fun little 2ft Nor-East wind swell that could do with a touch of grooming.

Anyone know what sort of bird the little guy in the last two photo's might be?  When he drifted through the lineup I initially throught he was a Little Penguin.  Then a wave came and he got rolled, washed in and barely re-surfaced.  He seemed to be moving ok (feet, wings, head) so Jake and I gave him a lift back to the sand.  Let's hope he made it.


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