:: Lunacy


As surfers we're pretty tied to the moon.  It brings the ebb and flow of the tides and shifts the banks around at our local beaches.  It might even be the difference between a good surf and bad one; swell or no swell. As photographers,  the moon adds another source of light to nature, especially the days around the full moon - it's like a big reflector in the sky.  I always try to shoot the moonrise on the day before full; there's a little more ambient light in the sky making for better pictures but the weather has to be perfect.  Yesterday there was just enough moisture in the air to throw a halo around the almost full moon (99percent)

Tonight's a Blue Moon and it'll rise out of the ocean at 5:09pm; fingers crossed for a clear horizon. Go check it out.

High-tide was killing the swell this morning.  Looks like the odd 2 footer left from the South but it's drowning in too much water.

:: Murray

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