Love Mondays

Monday Morning isn't on top of many people's "favourite time of the week" lists.  But it's the time in the week where opportunities stretch out ahead all the way to Friday and beyond.  And this week is looking killer!  Surfing, launching and some more surfing.  Not to mention, Monday is also probably the least crowded time to be in the water.  Either everyone is surfed out from last week or these late sunrises aren't allowing enough time for a Monday morning session, but this morning the crew was especially sparse.  All good for those that got out there.  I Love Monday. From Where You Are Photo Competition The Steyne Hotel are running a photography competition in conjuction with Corona.  The theme ties in with Corona's "From Where You'd Rather Be" tagline but twists it because we all know we're in a pretty good spot right here in Manly.  You'll need to collect a disposable camera from The Steyne Hotel today (hurry there's only a few left) and get out and capture your best image of Manly.  All disposable camera's need to be back to The Steyne by 31 March and there is a truck-load of Corona on offer to the semi-finalists with the winner getting to throw the mother of all Backyord BBQ's.  Full details at The Steyne.