:: Loose

It's almost a repeat of yesterday out there today with onshore winds and about the same amount of swell. The weather has certainly been pretty loose this summer and the Bureau of Meteorology has been rotating "A Shower or Two" and "A Few Showers" pretty much daily since the beginning of December. Tomorrow they've added "Chance Storms" just for good measure but either way you're probably going to need that umbrella this weekend. There's a couple of waves and the wind is only a light onshore so it's fully surfable. It's going to be much the same over the weekend with a continuation of 3 feet of East swell and light onshore winds. Should be contestable for when the Juniors hit the water for the first heats of the Australian Open of Surfing.

Yesterday we caught up with local skater Shane Azar to get the low-down on the massive biblical ark shaped Beach Bowl evolving on the beach front. Check out Local Focus for the interview and audio

Next Tuesday 14 February Sprout Daily is teaming up with Surfing World and the Manly Pacific to present Local Love. Click through for details.

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