:: Looming

There were some heavy clouds looming over Queenscliff Headland this morning giving Friday the 13th a creepy ominous feel.  Don't be scared though, the sun's going to be shinning by midday and it'll remain sunny for the whole weekend.  Perfect. The waves are a weak sloppy mix of lumpy Nor-East wind swell.  It's not that appealing but there were still plenty of people kicking their Friday off with a paddle.  Much the same swell on offer over the weekend although there's some offshore winds forecast to take the bump out it.  Probably a weekend for the loggers.

The Billabong Pro J Bay might have been downgraded off the CT but the waves are still pumping and the quality of surfing is mind blowing with a record four 10 point rides yesterday!  Get your internet surfing on and check out the highlights

Enjoy your weekend.  Catch you Monday!

DAILYMurray Fraser