:: Kicking

The swell is going to start kicking today from a Low pressure system moving into the Tasman Sea off the South Coast of New South Wales.  There's going to be some serious weather coming our way with strong winds and serious surf conditions.  With the high tides we've been experiencing the last few mornings we can expect to see a bit of erosion and beach damage.  Let's hope the peak of the swell passes through during the low tide or we're going to lose a bit of sand off the beaches. It's flat on this morning's high-tide; hardly a ripple breaking down at the South End.  The swell should start showing up on the South facing beaches this afternoon and really start kicking in tomorrow morning at the 6 foot plus range.  The wind is going to be strong but the direction is looking likely to be semi-offshore from the SW so there should be some surfable options.  Dust off your pin-tail, it might come in handy the next couple of days.

∆ Murray

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