:: Home Early

I put a temporary hold on the Road Trip yesterday and hitched a ride back to Sydney with Andy, Robin and Evan from WildThings and Gato Heroi.  No point being on a surfing road trip if you can't get in the water now is there.   The good news is that my fin-chop is heeling and the van is still in Queensland so I'll be back on the road and in the water again next week. I've seen some pictures from Saturday and it looks like it was quite a swell down here in Sydney.  The waves are much smaller today but it's clean and the well worth a paddle.  It's tiny down the Southern end but there's 2ft of South swell getting into Queensie.  Looks like there's going to be a slow decline in the current South swell throughout the week before a little spike in NE windswell on the weekend.

Matt from Damp Store has launched his new online store and he's doing $30 tee's as an opening special for Sprout Daily readers.  All you've got to do is enter Sprout at the checkout.

Back on the beach for Sunrise tomorrow. ∆ Murray

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