::Happy Ending

Better to start slow and finish strong they say and that was the story on the beach this morning. A bit grey and lifeless to begin with, a few waves on offer but noithing to write home about, rain on the horizon... not the cracker that was hoped for. However patience pays and sure enough, the sun fought through to provide a blast of needed warmth and even a huge rainbow!  Winner! My short stint as a Sprout Daily photographer ends today (for now), and so I want to take the opportunity to say thanks to Murray Fraser for letting the little guys have a crack. In all seriousness, what he does on a daily basis is incredible and his dedication to the Manly beach community is mind blowing. To roll in for a few days and take some inspired shots is pretty easy... Murray does it EVERYDAY. The creativity it takes to see new things on the same patch of sand day in day out sets him apart.