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Sorry about the late one today, it's been a big day!  The wind's been up from the North East since this morning and despite the onshore there looks like a couple of fun waves about.  Grommet's these days love conditions like this.  I stopped in for a brief look at the Harbourside on my way back from the city.  Place to be on the Nor-Easter! Today I've been deep in the lair of D&d Letterpress watching Doug and Danika hand make the postcards I'll be sending back from New York when I attend the Eddie Adam's Workshop next month.  Watching the old Original Heidelberg's wheels spin and arms waves is really quite mesmerising.  Everything about the process is done by hand, from the mixing of the vegetable-based inks to cutting and pressing the cards.  If you want to get your hands on one of these Limited Edition Postcards via US Post from New York, jump on the Pozible Project site and get your name on a reward.  There's only a few hours left!

DAILYMurray Fraser