:: Half A Tide


This morning felt like we were half a tide change away from pumping.  All the elements were there; plenty of swell, a light offshore, and sandbanks.  But it was just too shallow on the early low-tide. Waves that appeared to be peaking most often morphed into draining inside out closeouts.  I haven't seen it since first light but I reckon it's probably worth another look now. Seen what Mick Fanning and the Rip Curl Search crew have been up to? Endless, Perfect Sand-Bottom Barrels with not even a mate around to burn you. Can you believe that waves like that are still out there to be 'discovered'?!

Mick's pretty tight lipped about the location but if you happen to work in Customs and you've seen Mick's passport lately can you slip us a hint? Won't tell - promise!


DAILYMurray Fraser