:: Goodbye Autumn


Goodbye Autumn, you've good to us but we know you can't stay forever.  Thanks for the sunshine and consistent East Swells that have lasted more than a day or two. Cheers for the cold mornings that have prepared us for Winter and the warm days to remind us of Summer.  We've got to say, we've really loved the clear, warm water but we know that can't last forever.  We're ready for Winter and the rain, Southerly swells and those freezing Sou-Westers that rip off the mountains that come with it.   Our memories are fond - but we'll catch you next year Autumn!  Winter starts tomorrow and there will be rain.  Enjoy the last day of Autumn. Tonight The Shop Next Door are presenting a gathering under the banner of Van Freakwaive - it's a meeting of the productive hands of Vans and the creative mind of Robin Kegal and his Gato Heroi band.  There'll be a film screening and chit chat about surfboards and travel and stuff  Drop in and see what it's all about.