:: Ghosts in the Water

Another day of tiny conditions in Manly.  It's only just surfable and there are are plenty of people trying.  It's 24 degrees in the water (warmer than on the beach at 6am) and such a beautiful Friday morning.   Who wouldn't be tempted in for a paddle even if it is 1ft? The good news it that there's waves on the way.   W've got a small pulse of South Swell over the weekend before a strong push of Easterly swell early next week.  Should be some quality waves and genuine relief from 7 days of the tiny stuff.

Don't forget that Kelly's Slater's Komunity Fundraising event is on tomorrow down in front of the Corso.  Come and watch Kelly surf with the Waratahs, Local State Member Mike Baird, Occy, Simon Anderson and a host of others.  Should be a good day of entertainment.

If you're in the market for a professional super telephoto lens, my 500mm f/4  is listed on eBay and set to sell today.  Get online and get your bid on!

Catch you Monday! ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser