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At 10:30 this morning I was about to hit the send button to deliver your dose of Sprout Daily when I received a call saying that Gerry Lopez was surfing out front of North Steyne.  It's not everyday you have a legend like Lopez surfing out front so it was time to pick up the tools and head down the beach again.  Gerry Lopez has been staying in Manly for the last few days with legendary Indo surf explorer Peter McCabe.  I've heard so many stories about people chatting with him and him being so mellow and approachable; people are just buzzing after their encounter with the legend.  Gerry Lopez is 63 years old and still smooth as silk on a surfboard stylishly threading through some chunky North Steyne sections this morning.  I reckon he might have a few secrets in that book of his Surf Is Where You Find It worth investing it.   Get down to Patagonia Manly this afternoon and grab yourself a copy from the man himself.

Some of the top female surfers were taking to the North Steyne bowl mid-morning today in preparation for the Australian Open of Surfing.  Wow, the girls were ripping!!  Just another distraction and excuse for getting the daily email out at 1pm today.  Sorry I'm late - but I hope you enjoy

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