:: Full House


Morning! It's the eve of the Australian Open of Surfing and to say there's a bit of excitement in the water would be a gross understatement. The wave were pretty average this morning but every thirty second a grommet would paddle past me saying "couple of fun ones!"  1-2ft short period wind swell high-tide shorey's?  - I guess!

Concentration levels at school will be at an low-time low, mind surfing chunky rip bowls and wave sketching the subjects that'll get the most attention.  First event in the water tomorrow is the Sydney Grom Challenge at 7am - Good luck to all the local pack of frothers!

The schedule for the full event, in and out of the water can be seen here. Looks possibly like the best year ever!

Volcom x Hotel Steyne Ever wonder what would happen if one of surfing's most creative brands joined forces with one of Manly's loosest pubs? Well, stay tuned!  Next week Volcom have the skeleton key to The Hotel Steyne and they'll be filling every hole. Ozzie Wright, Lister, Gemma O'Brien, Metal Neck, Mini Ramp and that's just the first half of the week.


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