:: Full Frontal


Yesterday afternoon's storm front that swept through Sydney was one of the best I've seen in a while.  The Bureau were calling for a severe Thunderstorm alert for Sydney which had me checking the studio window every 10 minutes. When the sky finally went dark to the South I bolted out the door and made my way to my favourite outlook.  By the time I reached the rooftop the storm was right over Manly and moving fast.   From 16 floors up I felt like I could almost reach out and touch the front; not that you'd want to because it was damn scary and ominous looking!   The roof of the tallest building in sight is probably not the safest place to be in a storm but definitely one of the best places to photograph.

Amazing how images of these significant events spread so fast on social media - I must have seen 50 incredible images before 6pm and it drives home the shared experience.

Today the storm's past and the swell's small yet again.  We've got Southerly winds so it's a bit bumpy everywhere except for the very Southern corner.  Catch you tomorrow.

:: Murray