:: Friday Late Mail

Got a bunch of news for you this morning.  In fact this edition is looking a bit like a newsletter.  First news is that the surf's good.  Really good!  If you've got the chance you'd be well advised to get in the water today.   If you're wondering why today's post is coming late it's unfortunately not because I've been surfing.  We've just finished installing 6 lightboxes in the Beer Garden at The Steyne Hotel which will evolve as the Season's roll on throughout the year.  They look amazing and if you're in Manly over the weekend pop in and check them out.  If you've got Instagram you can sneak a preview @sproutdaily or on Facebook. The other news is that we're off to New Zealand tomorrow for the month of April.  We've got Andrew Quilty onboard to do a special Sprout Daily Residential next week and we'll have some more news on guests later next week.  You can read about Andrew below but we're truly stoked and honored to have him onboard.  From the second half of April we'll be bringing Sprout to you from the back of a Wilderness Motorhome in the Land of the Long White Cloud.  The waves have been pumping over there lately and the lure is irresistible.   Can't wait to share the adventures from the road.

Back to today, yes the waves are pumping.  I managed to sneak down early and grab a couple of frames between work commitments.  They might not have been the best waves of the morning but there's some tasty ones in the all the same.  Last time I looked it was still offshore and there's plenty of East Swell.

Go surf! See you soon! ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser