:: First Light Bombie


Hope you're having yourself a very good Easter Long Weekend.  It's been a huge one for Manly. A new local State Premier, a visit from the Royals, a big pulse of East Swell and buckets of sunshine.  It's all been a bit much to take in and so I'm relieved we've got today off work to digest the weekend and excess of Easter chocolate. With all this going on, the highlight for me was definitely a trip out to Queensie Bombie at first light Saturday morning. The Bombie rarely breaks but when it does it's for the committed only.  From the beach it can look deceptively soft but the reality is far from it.  With water constantly swirling over the reef and landmarks a long way off, maintaining a position in the line up is tricky. Everyone out there was caught out of position at some stage and taking a ten footer on the head was the mandatory commitment.

We headed out at first light to catch the dawn low-tide and peak of the swell.  The photo's will tell the rest of the story.

Looks like a small week of surf ahead. :: Murray