:: First Light

A cool Sou-Wester gave this morning a cool autumn feel to it.  Add to that some heavy clouds and a few passing showers and you'd be easily convinced that's we've put Summer behind us.  But don't fear, we should be getting back to warmer conditions later in the week. There's some residual E swell keeping the dream alive this morning with the odd 3 foot screamer breaking all the way to the sand.  The banks have been shifted a bit over the past week so it'll be interesting to see how they handle the smaller swell.

If you're feeling pretty pumped after the week of solid swell and you'd like to take the challenge to the next level, then come join us and Aloha Surf Manly at one of the worlds best surf break this May when we travel to HT's Resort in the Mentawai Islands.  Click through for details and interest.

DAILYMurray Fraser