:: Fading Light


I do love the mornings;  but it's the afternoon that delivers my favourite light, especially at this time of year.   The afternoon light transitions from the beautiful front light of sunset to the glowing purples and vivid blues of twilight - it really an amazing time to be on the water whether surfing or making pictures. Today's photo's are from Tuesday evening when the last swell was on its final legs.  It wasn't the most spectacular sunset however there was just enough post-sunset glow in the sky to get creative and capture some surfing as the light faded to black.   For those that are into technical details, I shot this using a Nikon D4 and 50mm f/1.4 prime lens all safely tucked into an AquaTech Housing.  The settings ranged from 1/3200 - 1/15 sec, f/8 - f/2 and ISO200 - ISO1600.  Today's camera's are so capable of shooting in low light you can just about get an image in pitch back - it opens up a whole new set of creative possibilities.

Drizzle, cold wind and a flat ocean is what's on offer this morning in Manly.  There seems like a hint of South Swell under the morning high tide so if you're desperate you'd probably find a wave at a South facing beach.

:: Murray