:: Fade Out


The sunrise this morning was a burner; all pink and vibrant! Unfortunately for me though, it all happened while I was suiting up and packing the camera. By the time I made it out to the line up it was all but faded to washed out colours and grey.  You can just a hint of colour in the first picture.

The waves are much the same as yesterday.  Seems like we're in a pattern of overnight onshore's that mess up the morning session while the hot, still air of the afternoon has been turning on some good clean waves.

The water felt a touch warmer this morning.  If you've been wondering why the water's been so cold and full of green algae in Sydney this week check out Craig's explanation on Swellnet.  Don't worry, Winter in the water hasn't arrived yet; with the right wind change we'll be back in the bath in no time.


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