:: Escape


Bit wet and windy out there today but at least it's an escape from the humidity we've had over the past week or two.  Speaking of escapes, we're heading back to The Maldives for a couple of weeks this year.  If you're keen to join us there's spaces available onboard the Carpe Vita one or two weeks. The Maldives is your classic tropical paradise with perfect, fun waves you can surf with just about any board imaginable. Last year Taylor from The Shop Next Door joined us with an eclectic array of boards ranging through quads, twin-fins, singles and logs with of course the obligatory shortboard with a little edge for getting some tropical shade.

I shot for about 20 minutes this morning out at North Steyne. There's a little bit of fresh chunky south swell but the rain and wind squall's weren't doing us any favours.  Should be a fair bit bigger by this time tomorrow.


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