End of the Island


Long Island is exactly what it's namesake indicates, a long island.  It juts out almost perpendicular to the continent facing South down the American coastline.  It's perfectly positioned to take the brunt of the South Swells generated by Hurricanes in the Caribbean and offshore when the cold fronts come down from Canada.  No wonder there's a vibrant surf scene and a ton of history here. Over the weekend I took a drive out to the far reaches of Long Island to catch the Surfers Healing and check out the waves on offer.  City folk have awoken to the magic of this part of the Island in recent years but the locals have been surfing and fishing out here for generations.   The waves are good and there's plenty of them but you've got to be hardy to live out here as the winters sound like they can be brutal; not to mention the distracting lure of the City.  This is the end of the Island.  Enjoy

DAILYMurray FraserMontauk, New York