:: Eddie Adam's Supporter Rewards


A huge thank you to everyone that supported me and help me attend the Eddie Adam's Workshop in New York this past October. It's time for me to reward the supporters by giving them a Sprout Daily print in the size in which they selection.  If you were a supporter through the Pozible Project site, please take a look at the images above and select an image that you'd like printed.  Then, simply shoot me an email or reply to the email I've just sent you and I'll organise your print straight away.

If you were not a supporter but would like to purchase a print regardless, please feel free to email me at murray@sproutdaily.com and I'll have a print created for you.

Sizes & Prices 20cm x 30cm - $50 61cm x 41cm - $290 76cm x 51cm - $350 112cm x 76cm - $650

Above sizes and prices are for unframed prints on beautiful metallic photographic paper.  Framing options are available - email murray@sproutdaily.com for details (Please note that the "Order Print" buttons are currently disabled - for orders and enquires please email me direct)

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