:: Eclipsed

Eclipse? What Eclipse? There was way too much heavy cloud in the sky this morning for the umbraphiles to get their fix of eclipse.  Bummer ay...  Well at least we can rest in the knowledge that in 2028 Sydney will experience the full solar eclipse.  Let's just hope the weather's a little better than it is today.  The waves aren't real flash today either.  It's onshore and smaller than yesterday but there were still a few worth a crack if you woke on with your keen pants on. Bausele Watch Deal We've teamed up with Swiss-Made lifestyle watch maker Bausele to offer a special discount to Sprout Daily readers.  Bausele combines the high standards of craftsmanship and quality you'd expect from a Swiss-Made watch with a pinch of Australian soul.  For a limited time, you can get a Bausele on your wrist with 15 percent off.  Buy direct online and use the code BMAME15 to receive the discount.

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