Early Start

This morning was an early start for everyone.  The Old and the Bold were up as usual, the litter tractor was on the move and Patrick and Alex were busting for their 6:30 coffee down at Wentworth Street.  Joining them for the early was the dreaded Easterly trade wind.   Yep, the Easterly has been blowing pretty much throughout the night and it's set to stick around for much of the week.  We can expect fairly average surf conditions and more Blue Bottles than a gin factory.  But don't let that dampen your spirits for the early.  It's the best time of the day! If it's you're first day back at work today after the Summer break you've picked a good one.  It's going to be raining and you're not missing anything on the beach or in the water.  Now, if by chance you're looking for some procrastination ideas before you start work for real here you go:  Maybe sign a new friend or two up to the Sprout Daily, become a fan on Facebook and browse the general chit chat on the Wall, watch the juniors go round at Narrabeen or listen to Peter Goetz on your computer?  Perfect.

Back to work now!