:: Colourful Creatures

If you're about to head out to lunch, take your things with you, adjust your schedule, log off and get yourself down to the beach for the afternoon.  The water clarity is just about as good as I've seen, the Sun is shining and there's just a light offshore keeping the Tasman as smooth as butter. There's heaps of fish around and even a few sea creatures I couldn't identify.  Go see for yourself - it's a picture perfect beach day!  Oh and tomorrow....  well tomorrow the temperatures going to drop down;  top of 16 degrees.

There's been a little bit of talk about a swell over the weekend.  I wouldn't expect much tomorrow and then Sunday the swell is going to be too South (with a hint of West) for most of the Northern Beaches.  Monday we might get a little more joy.

Enjoy your afternoon! :: Murray

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