:: Heat Wave

How was yesterday!  Man, what a scorcher!!  The morning wasn't too bad which had me thinking maybe the bureau might have over cooked it.  But, by the afternoon Sydney was roasting in 42˚C (that's 108˚F for those in the US) and there was hardly any let-up until well after midnight.  I can't remember a heat that's hung around so late into the night.   The crowds on the beach hung around after sunset and well into the evening.  It was just too hot to go home and way too hot to sleep. I'm astounded nobody got in serious trouble in the surf yesterday - there were so many rips, so much water moving and busloads of people out over their heads; mostly teenage blokes trying to out do each other.  Toughest day to be a lifeguard!!  Huge pat on the back to the whole Manly Council Lifeguard crew - those guys deserve double-pay for yesterday!  If you know anything about an incident between a lifeguard and a bloke in the water yesterday then contact Manly Police.

The Southerly came through in the early hours of this morning helping clear the hot air but making a mess of the surf.  It's not great today but the swell's on the rise.  Today's shots are mostly from a swim I had yesterday at noon.  The water was warm, the air was hot and there really was no better place to be.

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