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The sun was up early with plenty of warmth and the light offshore overnight has groomed the swell into order.  It's a much more attractive morning out there this morning.  There's some nice waves on offer but it's a touch full on the morning high tide.  The swell is supposed to pulse a little today from the South so we might might see a little more energy once the tide changes. This morning I had the Nikon D4 under my wing.  It's a little different from what I'm used but the detail in low light is so impressive (check the first shot!) and at 11 frames per second you don't miss a beat.  In honour of the Manly Arts Festival being in full swing and to give me some practice before the Eddie Adam's Workshop in New York,  I'm going to shoot some portraits of beach life down at the South during the course of the week.  If you see me come say hello, I'll take your photo.

Speaking of the Manly Arts Festival, Sprout Daily's show Rise & Shine will open this Thursday at Berrins on Wentworth St.  Come join us for a local beer and a mingle. See you tomorrow or see you thursday night.

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