:: Different Story

If you missed the hours between 5 and 9am yesterday and you were hoping for a repeat you'd be sorely disappointed today.  It's different story altogether.  There's been a strong Southerly blowing all morning rendering the southern end the only decent spot for a paddle.  The good news is there's still plenty of leftover East swell and the wind is dropping throughout the day... maybe later. If you saw the Manly Daily today you'd have seen the call to ban surfers from South Steyne.  Now that's a big call and we'd hate to see it come to that.  But, watching the southern corner daily it's obvious that there's some concerns about the way the line up "operates" down there.  Yeah there are some dangers, but that's a risk that I guess we all face went we step into the ocean, or across the road, or anywhere for that matter.  We need to tolerate some level of risk and danger and accept that accidents will occur; some, freakishly, may even be serious.

However, we shouldn't tolerate recklessness and a disrespect for other users whether they be swimmers, body surfers, surfers, board paddlers or whatever.  Unless the line up self regulates and reckless behaviour and disrespect is pointed out and stopped by the collective whole then sadly the council will regulate with rules and that won't be a good thing for surfers. That's my rant for the day  - Enjoy yours.  ∆  Murray

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