:: Desaturation


Not much colour out there today.  The showers are back and there's minimal light making it through the cloud cover casting us into a world of grey tones and desaturated colour.  At least the pink caps of the Bold & Beautiful were still adding some highlights. First thing this morning the waves were a little wind affected but by mid-morning the rain had dampened out most of the bumps and there was a light Sou-Westerly blowing.  It was much more appealing than first light's offering. Tomorrow we're going to see a building ESE swell up around 3-5ft and strong winds.

Australian expat photographer Peter Lik just sold a photograph for $6.5m making it the most expensive photo ever sold.  If you don't have a spare $6.5m and you want something beautiful for your wall, you've still got time to order a print from The Print Shop before Christmas.  Got to get in today though!

:: Murray 

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