:: Dark & Steamy

It's a warm one out there today!  34 degrees in the city already but it's not going to last.  There's a gusty Southerly change forecast to roll through around midday and it'll flip the whether on it's head.  You might even need a jumper on the way home from Christmas drinks tonight. There were some thick clouds hovering over Manly this morning holding in the warm steamy air and making for some interesting light.  The ENE swell is holding in at around 2ft+ and it's being shaped and groomed nicely by the offshore Nor-Wester.  There's peaks up and down the full length of Manly Beach; some banks with a bit more punch than others.  Tomorrow we should start seeing the effect of TC Evan with the arrival of a small long period ground swell.  It's not going to be big but hopefully it'll have some push behind it. Catch you tomorrow ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser