Did you manage to squeeze a surf out in yesterday afternoon's offshore?  Mixed consensus on the beach with some calling it all-time but even more saying it looked better than it was.  Hey, the difference between all-time and a waste of time can be a single wave.  Whatever way you called it, it was nice to see some sunny offshore conditions and peaky East swell return to Manly.  I haven't managed to get through all the pics from yesterday afternoon yet but I'll post an album on Facebook as soon as I get the chance. This morning the swell has dropped slightly and swung around to the South a touch and there's some heavy cloud upon us.  The wind's still offshore from the SW so conditions are clean and there's plenty of fun to be had.  We're going to see the wind swing around to the South-East and strengthen during the day so take your chances early.  Some solid East swell forecast for Saturday and Sunday but there's going to be a bit of wind and heavy rain spoiling the party.   Check Coastalwatch for cams and finer details.

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