:: Cres

Crescent Head is almost half way between Sydney and the Gold Coast.  It's just far enough away from Sydney to be too far for a weekend trip for most people which tends keep the crowds down and a distinctly country feel to the town.  It's a one pub town with one surf shop, one bakery, which doubles as the local cafe, and a golf course and caravan park on the point.   But with the Pacific Highway constantly being upgraded and numerous town by-passes now open it's getting closer and closer and the crowds are steadily on the up. We had a beautiful sunset when we arrived yesterday and there's a couple of fun waves around on the point this morning.  The waves here are perfectly suited for longboards and most boards with a little extra foam but there's back beaches with plenty of high-performance potential..

Heard there's some good waves in Manly this morning too.  Should be fun in Sydney for the next few days with a fresh East swell filling in over the weekend. Catch you back in Manly on Monday :: Murray