:: Convergence


Hello Manly! It's real nice to be back on your gritty sand this morning; although I was hoping for more Spring and less Winter.  Hanging in the shadow of Queenscliff Headland was a stiff reminded that we haven't ticked over to the warmer months just yet. So cold! There's some fun little runners out there today. It's mostly suitable for longer, wider craft but maybe it'll pack a bit more punch as the tide drains out (low tide right now).

Apologies for the lack of posts of late.  I've been onboard the mighty Raja Elang floating blissfully out of mobile coverage down South of the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. Would have been nice to get a post out whilst afloat but the tech stars didn't align.  Maybe next time we'll load the satellite phone.  Debrief from the trip to come...


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