:: Contenders


Apologies for the radio silence.  Last couple of days have been pretty crazy here in Fiji and the mist is just starting to settle today.   All three contenders for the 2013 ASP World Title just happened to turn up in the same small corner of the pacific ocean at once.  For Joel and Mick it was a trip with a mission; surf the swell and score some clips to punctuate the Missing Movie that Mick's making with Taylor Steele. For Kelly, well, he just happened to be hanging out with a bunch of friends and family on Tavarua when the 10ft swell arrived.  No surprises that Kelly was in the right place at the right time.  For more photos check out the Gallery on Coastalwatch I just had a peak into next week's forecast for Sydney, looks like a solid South swell due on Monday!  That same south swell should arrive here in Fiji later in the week.

Next week's my last week here in Fiji, then it's home sweet home for the summer! :: Murray