:: Colour of Cold


It's another fresh morning on the beach today.  I didn't see it but apparently the Manly Surf Club's temperature board was showing 4 degrees - add a fresh Sou-Westerly wind to that and you're down around freezing!  Certainly felt like that. Have you noticed the colour of the sky at dawn and dusk the last couple of days?  It's been this beautiful gradient of pale pinks and purples.  Not sure if it's the cold air or the full moon adding some Luna ambient light, either way it's got an amazing quality about it.

There's a fresh South Swell with us today.  The lion's share of the swell is marching straight past us but Queenscliff's got some 2 footers and it'd be at least twice as big further up the beaches. Might be worth a drive today and while the South swell's running.

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:: Murray

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