:: Clean Up

If you've been hanging out all weekend for the wind and swell to settle then today's your day.  The overnight offshore wind has groomed some control back into the swell and there's plenty of barrels and chunky section to be had if you want them.  I saw the best three waves of the morning go through unriden so there's plenty on offer.  The swell has dropped a touch from yesterday's peak although there's still some solid 8 footers rolling into Freshwater and the odd one sneaking in under the cliffs at Queenscliff. We've got offshore winds on the cards all day today and tomorrow so expect the swell to continue to drop off over the next couple of days.   If you want some juice then now's the time to get amongst it.

Yesterday Deadman's came to life again and there was a keen crew that descended the cliffs at first light.  As usual Dayyan was leading the pack and getting under some heaving lips.  Young Sam Jones made his debut out there yesterday and surfed with some serious courage putting himself in some critical positions on some heavy waves.  Not back for a first timer!  Check some of the action out at Deadman's on the Sprout Daily Facebook page.

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