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Sitting in the airport waiting for my plane yesterday I discovered a bunch more photos that I wanted to publish and share.  This last week was my third surfing road trip to New Zealand in three years and it's fast becoming a favourite destination.  The people, the places, the scenery, and light, the waves, the ease, the access, all combine to make for a good trip no matter how much time you have and what's on offer. I heard one local say that "the best thing that happened to New Zealand surfing was that Australian's discovered Bali" and that us Aussies forgot all about our cousins across the Tasman.   New Zealand has a rich surfing history and an abundance of waves that's largely flown under the radar of Australians since the 70's.  It's got me hooked and I've only just touched on the North Island!

I want to say a big thanks to Joel Fitzgerald for joining me on this adventure.  Joel's been connecting with his shaping heritage and making some beautiful boards, all of which he tests to their utmost limits. Check out his shapes here. Also to Wilderness Motorhomes for keeping us oh so comfortable and mobile in NZ. Cheers to Patagonia for keeping Joel and I toasty warm in and out of the water.

If you want to allow yourself to be tempted to NZ for a surf trip one of these days, cast your eyes over Damaged Good Zine a fine NZ surf mag or pick up a copy of South Sea's for some inspiration.

Back on the sand in Manly tomorrow.

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